ILO Thesaurus

The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work, in English, French, and Spanish. It contains terms on a wide variety of topics related to economic and social development. Areas of major interest to the ILO are treated in detail. These include labour and employment policy, labour standards, labour administration, labour relations, vocational training, social protection, working conditions, wages, occupational safety and health, small enterprise, the informal economy and human rights in the workplace.
The 7th edition of the ILO Thesaurus was published in 2015 in electronic format.

ILO Thesaurus

Subjects covered by the thesaurus are grouped into 19 main subject categories or facets:

 01 International relations
 02 Social policy, social protection and social security
 03 Economic development
 04 Law, human rights, government and politics
 05 Social sciences, culture, humanities and art
 06 Education and training
 07 Rural development, agriculture, forestry and fishing
 08 Economic activities
 09 Trade
 10 Transport
 11 Financing
 12 Management
 13 Labour and employment
 14 Population, race relations and migration
 15 Health and safety
 16 Environmental sciences
 17 Earth sciences
 18 Research and science
 19 Information and information science

Explanations of Abbreviations and Symbols in the ILO Thesaurus

BT Broader term
NT Narrower term
RT Related term
USE Use preferred term
UF Used for
SN Scope note
SC Subject category
HN History note
DC Date covered
FN Full name
ENG English
FRE French
SPA Spanish

Numbering system

01 Facet number
01.01 Subfacet number
01.01.1 Subsubfacet number

Entries may contain the following elements:

• Descriptor (or preferred term)
• Sequential number
• Facet number
• Synonym (or non-preferred term)
• Full name of an organization or programme
• Acronym used as a descriptor
• "Closed" descriptor
• Period of a "closed" descriptor's use in the Labordoc database
• History note (Labordoc database)
• Date up to which the descriptor was used
• Date from which the descriptor should be used

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