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New Labordoc to increase the visibility of the ILO’s research and work

  1. Labordoc - ILO Digital Repository

    The ILO Library has launched a new digital repository that enhances the global visibility of ILO publications and meeting documents and provides users with a tool to explore a wealth of knowledge on the world of work.

    The new institutional repository, known as Labordoc, provides access to hundreds of thousands of ILO books, journal articles, reports, working papers, meeting documents and more.

    As Richelle Van Snellenberg, Head of Library mentioned, “The ILO Library has been collecting, preserving and giving access to all ILO publications and official documents since 1919, therefore its collection is the most comprehensive institutional memory of the ILO’s history, work and research.
    We created a digital repository in order to enhance global visibility of the ILO’s work and research. This new institutional repository gives access to a comprehensive collection of digital assets of ILO publications and meeting documents.

    Through the new Labordoc, users can find all ILO publications, guides and manuals, reports, working papers and ILO journals, as well as easily locate ILO meeting documents, including documents of the International Labour Conference, Governing Body, Regional and other meetings.

    In addition to ILO publications, the ILO Library's collection includes academic books, peer-reviewed journals, reports, legislation and statistics covering all aspects of work and sustainable livelihoods, economic and social development, human rights, and labour law in countries around the world.

    A second interface, called LabourDiscovery, was developed to facilitate the discovery of these high quality research publications on the world of work.

    Labordoc and LabourDiscovery will help users to easily locate any ILO publication or to explore the most important research outputs on labour related topics.” - concludes Richelle Van Snellenberg.

    You may access Labordoc at the following address:
    LabourDiscovery is available on
    For more information, contact the ILO Library by email at :