1. ILO Thesaurus

    The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work, in English, French, and Spanish. It contains terms on a wide variety of topics related to economic and social development. Areas of major interest to the ILO are treated in detail.

  1. ILO Taxonomy

    The ILO Taxonomy was designed by the ILO Library as a tool for retrieving information from the ILO website. It is well suited for use as a subject classification system for arranging collections in small libraries or labour information centres.


    An invaluable working tool for linguists, provides English, French, Spanish, and/or German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese equivalents of terms in the social and labour fields.
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  3. Occupational Safety and Health Thesaurus

    This information system on OSH terminology represents a source of terms used to index content available on various knowledge and information platforms, such as bulletins and databases. It can also supply "meta" tags for indexing webpages. Its system of facet codes has been used to organize OSH libraries.