Provides recent labour data for over 100 indicators and 165 economies. Annual data prior to 2008 and additional information, such as sources and methods, are still available in LABORSTA and gradually will be migrated to ILOSTAT.

  1. Child Labour Statistics

    Statistics pertaining to child labour compiled by the ILO and other sources, organized by country.

  2. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

    A database covering 20 labour market indicators on topics such as labour force participation, employment, hours of work, unemployment, wages, labour productivity and income distribution.

  3. Labour Force Surveys

    Compiles web sites which contain data from national statistical agencies, the ILO and other sources. Includes links to source web sites and references to print publications available in the ILO Library.

  4. Quipustat

    Easy-to-use database of labour statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean. Contains 19 indicators and covers 30 countries. In English and Spanish.