Occupational safety and health

  1. Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety Fourth edition

    One of the ILO's most widely-distributed publications, it covers all aspects of occupational health and safety including occupational diseases, prevention, health promotional activities; legal, ethical and social policy; hazards, accidents and safety management; chemicals in industry, toxicological properties and more.


    Documents that deal with occupational accidents and diseases as well as ways of preventing them, including: laws and regulations, chemical safety data sheets, training material, articles from periodical publications, books and standards. (1901-2012)

  2. International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs)

    Summarizes essential health and safety information on chemicals for their use at the "shop floor" level by workers and employers in factories, agriculture, construction and other work places.

  3. LEGOSH - Global database on occupational safety and health legislation

    Provides an overview and analysis of the current national occupational safety and health (OSH) regulatory frameworks worldwide and compiles the wealth of legislation related to this topic. LEGOSH is the first global source of authoritative information on national OSH legislation.

  4. Occupational Safety and Health Thesaurus

    This information system on OSH terminology represents a source of terms used to index content available on various knowledge and information platforms, such as bulletins and databases. It can also supply "meta" tags for indexing webpages. Its system of facet codes has been used to organize OSH libraries.