An information system which brings together information on International Labour Standards (such as ratification information, reporting requirements, comments of the ILO's supervisory bodies, etc.) as well as national labour and social security laws.


    Database of national labour legislation for the 13 ILO member States of the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean, maintained by the ILO's Subregional Office for the Caribbean.

  2. Employment protection legislation database - EPLex

    Contains information on the employment termination laws of some 85 countries. Search legislation using over 50 variables addressing all the key topics of employment protection legislation.

  3. LEGOSH - Global database on occupational safety and health legislation

    Provides an overview and analysis of the current national occupational safety and health (OSH) regulatory frameworks worldwide and compiles the wealth of legislation related to this topic. LEGOSH is the first global source of authoritative information on national OSH legislation.


    Database of national labour, social security and related human rights legislation maintained by the ILO's International Labour Standards Department.

  5. Reported incidents of abandonment of seafarers

    A regularly updated list of vessels that have been reported as abandoned in various ports of the world. Produced in conjunction with the IMO with support from the International Ship Suppliers' Association (ISSA).

  6. Triblex

    Thematic analysis of the case law of the ILO Administrative Tribunal.

  7. Verification of credentials

    A database of the case law concerning the conformity of the nominations of Conference delegates and advisers with the ILO Constitution.

  8. Working Conditions Laws Database

    Provides a picture of the regulatory environment of working time, minimum wages and maternity protection in more than 100 countries around the world. Search a specific country, compare several countries or regions on a particular subject, or compare legislation over time.