Activities and resources on discrimination


  1. United Nations Indigenous Peoples’ Partnership Brochure (2012): Delivering as One UN at the country level

    02 August 2012

    Indigenous and tribal peoples constitute at least 5,000 distinct peoples with a population of more than 370 million, living in 70 different countries. They are part of the overall contribution of all peoples’ to the diversity and richness of the world. Yet there is an urgent need to respect, promote and protect their inherent collective and individual rights that derive from their social, economic, cultural and political institutions, traditions and knowledge. This Brochure addresses the collective strategy of the five UN agencies in the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.


  1. Indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and resources Related to discrimination In employment and occupation: Case study on practices of pastoralism and Hunting-gathering in Kenya

    01 February 2008

  2. The right to practice shifting cultivation as a traditional occupation in Nepal - A case study to apply ILO Conventions No.111 (Employment and Occupation) and No.169 (Indigenous and Tribal Peoples).

    01 January 2008


  1. Turin training: indigenous peoples and development

    training session for indigenous representatives and policy makers

  2. Newsletter - The ILO and indigenous and tribal peoples (theme - discrimination)

    01 January 2007

  3. Eliminating discrimination against indigenous and tribal peoples in employment and occupation - A Guide to ILO Convention No.111

    01 January 2007

    The Guide is intended to serve indigenous peoples and their representatives as a source of information and a tool for engaging with policy and decision makers. At the same time it is a tool for the broader development community, including international and national development professionals.


  1. Leaflet on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples - No.5 Discrimination in employment and occupation.

    01 January 2005


  1. Indigenous and Tribal Children - Assessing child labour and education challenges.

    01 January 2003