Statistical Metadata-driven Analysis & Reporting Tool

What is SMART?

SMART allows users to easily generate and automate the production of analytical reports defined by means of an SDMX Data Structure Definition (DSD), either from processing micro-level data or from aggregated data by means of transcoding. SMART can take data files in various formats as input (i.e., SPSS, Stata, CSV and SDMX-XML), and any standard SDMX DSD to define the tables to be produced.

  SMART is also a very powerful tool for data reporting, as it will help you preparing the datasets to submit in a seamless way, based on the precise definition given by a DSD. Last but not least, SMART is an excellent tool for calculating and/or reformatting the data you need to feed your dissemination data warehouse.


You can install the latest version (v1.3) by clicking the "Install" icon or click "More »" to learn more.

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Quick Start

This will guide you through the basics so that you can quickly start using SMART.

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These examples will show you how many ways of using SMART there are ...

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