108th Session of the International Labour Conference

Submission of amendments in technical committees

This year a new tool is being introduced for the submission of amendments online for the technical committees.

Accessing the tool

Government delegates: The tool can be accessed by any accredited Government delegate or adviser, acting in a national capacity or on behalf of a regional group or other group of countries, by entering the delegate’s name and PIN code as they appear on their Conference badge.

Delegates are reminded that where an amendment is submitted by a single country, it will have to be seconded by at least another Committee member in order to be discussed.

Employer and Worker delegates: The submission of amendments is centralized through the group secretariats, which have been provided with access codes.

Three steps to follow:

1. Preparation: The tool will be operational as from Saturday 8 June 2019, giving the groups and individual governments the opportunity to start preparing and saving proposed amendments.

2. Submission: The actual submission of amendments online will only be possible on the dates and at the times indicated in each Committee’s plan of work (available on the Conference website) and announced in the Daily Bulletin.

3. Validation: For the amendments to be formally received, delegates must validate them in person with their Committee Secretariat at the designated time (also available on the committee’s plan of work and announced on the Conference website and in the Daily Bulletin).

In particular, it is important to ensure that:
  • the purpose of the amendment is clear and that the amendment is consistent with the structure of the text and with ILO terminology
  • the amendment is manageable: It has a uniform purpose and will trigger only one discussion. Some amendments may relate to two or more distinct concepts and should be split into two or more amendments to facilitate discussion

Amendment receipt area: Room XXII, E building, Palais des Nations

This room is equipped with computers to be used by the Committee Secretariat to validate each amendment in the presence of delegates.

Delegates will also be able to use the computers in this room to prepare and submit their amendments using the online tool. Support staff will be available to provide assistance.
Please note that with the tool the preparation and submission of amendments can be done online from any location.

The distinct time slots allocated for online submission (step 2) and validation in person of amendments (step 3) are indicated in each Committee’s plan of work (available on the Conference website) and announced in the Daily Bulletin.

To access the tool, click here