Explanatory note on the Director-General's Reports to the ILC

Conference paper | 18 May 2012
The Conference will have before it the Director-General’s report on the implementation of the 2010-2011 Programme and Budget which provides the basis for an assessment of our work over the last biennium, as has already been done by the Governing Body. The Programme and Budget for 2012-2013 was approved by the International Labour Conference in June 2011.

The Director-General will also submit his regular report on the situation of workers of the Occupied Arab Territories.

The following thematic reports have been presented over the years by the Director-General:He has decided not to present a thematic report this year and that his 2011 thematic report, which was well-received, would stand as his last such report to the International Labour Conference. It set out his vision of a new era where the ILO’s social justice mandate contributes to socially and economically efficient patterns of growth and environmental responsibility through a sustainable development vision. He believes it remains highly
relevant moving into the future.

Through his presentations to the Plenary, Committees and Regional and Social Partners’ Groups, he will make his points of view known. He considers that in this way the plenary which normally addresses his reports will have more space to look towards the future and to allow delegates, if they so wish, to highlight issues that they would like to draw to the attention of the new Director-General.