High-level panels to examine global jobs crisis, balanced growth and decent work

News | 07 June 2011

GENEVA (ILO News) – The prolonged jobs crisis, despite some promising signs of growth, continues to defy global efforts by governments and businesses to generate employment and end the growing hardships people are suffering in their search for work.

In this context, the 100th International Labour Conference (ILC), currently in session, has brought together some 4,000 delegates from government, employers’ and workers’ organizations from 183 Member States to address the major social and economic challenges unfolding globally.

Over the next week, the Conference will host a series of high-level panel discussions involving former heads of state and government, senior policy makers, UN officials and civil society to explore the range of policy approaches and initiatives that have been enacted to tackle these challenges.

These interactive, moderated panels will take an in-depth look at a series of economic and social issues with a view to highlighting specific efforts to generate decent jobs, reduce barriers to youth employment, as well as create a fairer, more sustainable globalization. The high-level panels include:

For more details on the guest panellists and the discussions, please see “On the agenda of the 100th Session of the ILC”.