Texts adopted by the Conference

  1. Resolutions adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 98th Session (Geneva, June 2009)

    21 August 2009

  2. Recovering from the crisis: A Global Jobs Pact

    09 October 2009

    Faced with the prospect of a prolonged global increase in unemployment, poverty and inequality and continued duress for enterprises, in June 2009 the International Labour Conference, with the participation of Government, Employers’ and Workers’ delegates from the ILO’s member States, unanimously adopted a "Global Jobs Pact". This global policy instrument addresses the social and employment impact of the international financial and economic crisis. It promotes a productive recovery centred on investments, employment and social protection. The fundamental objective of the Global Jobs Pact is to provide an internationally agreed basis for policy-making designed to reduce the time lag between economic recovery and a recovery with decent work opportunities. It is a call for urgent worldwide action: national, regional and global.