111th Session of the International Labour Conference (2023)

Worker delegates' registration form for committees 2023

Form or template | 27 April 2023



Both regular and substitute members participate in the work of the committees in the same way. However, regular membership means a firm commitment is made to participate in EVERY session, since it could involve a vote. In addition, as committees meet simultaneously, a small delegation of one or two persons should not request to register as “regular member” in several committees.

Please note that membership will only be effective once the ILO has received official credentials of the country delegation from the Government (only names present in that list can be considered).

 During the Conference, changes in relation to committees must be submitted using this same form before 5.00 p.m. (Geneva time). These changes are automatically transmitted to ACTRAV-CONF@ilo.org and will be reflected in the next day’s listings.

Please enter the names of representatives chosen by the Workers’ national delegation in the following list of Committees:


Committee on the Application of Standards



Standard-Setting Committee on Apprenticeships



Recurrent Discussion Committee on Labour Protection



General Discussion Committee on a Just Transition



Worker Delegate Contact Information