Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships

General information

This Committee undertook the first discussion on Apprenticeships with a view to setting a new international labour standard. It met from Monday 30 May to Thursday 9 June according to its plan of work.

The Office prepared two reports for this first discussion, both entitled "A framework for quality apprenticeships":
  • Report IV(1) sets out a summary of the law and practice in the different countries and contains a questionnaire to which the governments of all ILO Member States were invited to reply in consultation with organizations of employers and workers.
  • Report IV(2) contains a summary and analysis of the replies to the questionnaire, as well as a set of proposed Conclusions, which will be the basis of the Committee's work.

Committee documents

  1. ILC.110/Record No. 5C

    Plenary sitting: Outcomes of the work of the Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships

    30 June 2022

  2. ILC.110/Record No. 5B

    Summary of proceedings of the Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships

    24 June 2022

    Committee members may submit corrections to their own statements appearing in this report to the secretariat ( by 8 July 2022.

  3. ILC.110/Resolution III

    Resolution to place on the agenda of the next ordinary session of the Conference an item entitled “Apprenticeships”

    16 June 2022

  4. ILC.110/Record No. 5A

    Proposed resolution and Conclusions submitted to the Conference for adoption by the Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships

    10 June 2022

  5. ILC.110/CN/D.1 (Rev.3)

    Plan of work of the Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships

    06 June 2022

  6. ILC.110/CN/Amendments/Points 24-27

    Proposed amendments to points 24-27 /Amendements proposés aux points 24-27 / Enmiendas propuestas a los puntos 24-27

    03 June 2022

Reports submitted to the Conference

  1. Report IV(1)

    A framework for quality apprenticeships

    29 November 2019

    This report contains a questionnaire which calls for a reply from Governments, after consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers.

  2. Report IV(2)

    A framework for quality apprenticeships

    28 January 2022

    The present report was prepared on the basis of the replies received from governments and organizations of employers and workers to the questionnaire published in 2019. It includes an Office commentary after the replies to each question, as well as the proposed Conclusions to be considered by the Conference.