110th Session of the International Labour Conference (2022)

Employer Group registration form for membership in Committees

Form or template | 10 May 2021




In accordance with the decision taken by the Governing Body at its 344th Session (March 2022), the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference will open on Friday 27 May 2022, in a virtual format, and close on Saturday 11 June 2022. A first preparatory Employers’ Group meeting will take place virtually on Thursday, 26 May from 13:30 – 15:00 to elect officers and discuss employer group positions etc. 

The Conference will be held in a format combining in-person attendance and remote participation by videoconferencing technology, and will be held, following past practice, at the Palais des Nations and at ILO Headquarters.

The accredited Employer Delegate should complete and submit the form. Please add the name(s) of the employer member(s) of the delegation who will be following the work of each committee in the separate boxes provided for each Committee. The Zoom links for the various meetings will be sent to the email address submitted for each delegate and their technical adviser(s) in the Credentials irrespective of whether they are attending the Conference physically or remotely.

Committee on the Application of Standards



Standard-Setting Committee: Apprenticeships



Recurrent Discussion Committee: Employment



General Discussion Committee: Decent Work and the Social and Solidarity Economy



General Affairs Committee


Membership of the General Affairs Committee (Article 7 of the Standing Orders of the Conference) is limited. The Employer members of the Governing Body have already made the nominations direct. Please note, that all other employers who wish to participate in this committee may do so as Observers only and participation will be limited to on-line. Observer names should be registered on this form. They will have the same rights as the members of the committee except the right to vote (article 36(4) of the Standing Orders). 

Please note that Committee membership as indicated in the form will only be effective once:
• The ILO has received official credentials of the country delegation from the Government;
• The request is endorsed by the Employers’ Group;
• The initial composition of Committees is endorsed by the Conference.



Contact information

In order to submit this form, you need to provide your full name and function as well as an email address where the Office can contact you for any clarification and where you will receive confirmation of your registration. Please also provide a telephone contact number if possible





Clicking "Submit" means that the delegation has been approved by the Employer Delegate