Registration in the committees of the 107th International Labour Conference

Meeting document | 17 April 2018

For Employers and Workers, membership of Conference committees is determined by their respective groups. Governments must register individually with the secretariat of the Official Meetings, Documentation and Relations Department of the ILO in order to participate in committees. 

Members of national delegations who wish to participate in committees are asked to complete registration forms in advance and to send them to the International Labour Office. These forms can be found by clicking on the links below and should be duly completed and sent to the following ILO departments:


Official Meetings, Documentation and Relations Department (RELMEETINGS)
Employers Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP)
email:, fax: +41 22 799 8948 
Workers Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV)
email:, fax: +41 22 799 6570

Please note that registration in a committee will be effective only if:

(i) the Office has received the request by 6:00 p.m. (Geneva local time) on Sunday, 27 May 2018;
(ii) in the case of Governments, the Office has received their official credentials, and in the case of Employers and Workers, they have been accredited as regular delegates, advisers, or persons appointed under article 2(3)(i) of the ILC Standing Orders (please see the credentials site for more information: /ilc/Credentials/lang--en/index.htm); and
(iii) the registration request has been approved by the relevant group (in the case of Employers and Workers), and the initial membership of the committee has been appointed by the Conference.

Any adjustments to the membership of committees during the Conference should be communicated to the relevant ILO department by 6:00 p.m. in order to be effective the following day.