Information resources

  1. Links

    Industrial and Employment Relations and Labour Law Links.

  2. National labour law profiles

    The National Labour Law Profiles that you will find on this site intend to provide a rapid overview of the labour law in a number of ILO member States.

  3. Publications

    Policy briefs and working papers

  4. Cross border social dialogue and agreements

    This page contains information and research material on cross-border social dialogue and International Framework Agreements (IFAs). IFAs are signed agreements between multinational companies and global unions aimed to promote a number of principles of labour relations and conditions of work, and to organize a common labour relations framework at cross-border level, that is, across the worldwide operations of multinational companies.

  5. Employment protection legislation database - EPLex

    This new database contains information on the employment termination laws of some 50 countries. EPLex replaces the ILO's existing Digest on Termination of Employment Legislation.

  6. Labour Legislation Guidelines

    Guidelines are intended to promote the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the ILO Conference at its 86th Session, Geneva, June 1998. It includes national labour law texts in the field covered by the eight ILO fundamental Conventions.