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ILO Country Office for Viet Nam (CO-Hanoi)


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New ILO/ADB report shows that the ASEAN Economic Community could spur growth in jobs by an additional 10.5 per cent by 2025.
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Welcome to the ILO Country Office for Viet Nam. The ILO and its tripartite constituents – the government together with representatives of employers and workers organizations – play its role within the UN and multilateral system supporting Viet Nam’s socio-economic development. In partnership with our constituents, the ILO provides technical assistance on a range of key labour market development issues. We focus on creating more and better jobs through enterprise development, ensuring basic social services for all, and building triparatism by promoting industrial relations and social dialogue.

What's new

  1. Q&A

    Labour productivity: Some frequently asked questions

    24 September 2014

    Labour productivity primarily depends on how efficiently labour is combined with other factors of production, such as machinery and technology, and how many of these other inputs are available per worker.

  2. Business Plan Competition

    Three farmers to be awarded US$9,900 for best business plans

    23 September 2014

    A competition to choose the most aspiring entrepreneurs among farmers is being organized by the ILO as part of its support to the One Million Farmers Initiative.

  3. Statement

    ILO statement on Verité report on working conditions in Malaysia’s electronics sector

    19 September 2014

    The monitoring group, Verité, has revealed that nearly one in three migrant workers, including Vietnamese, in Malaysia’s electronic sector was under forced labour conditions in their report issued on 17 September.

  4. Policy brief

    Income security for older persons in Viet Nam: Social pensions

    17 September 2014

    This policy brief developed by the ILO and the UNFPA in Viet Nam found out that inflation has eroded the social pension by 33 per cent from 2010.

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