Viet Nam employment trends 2010

Following the first issue of “Viet Nam Employment Trends 2009”, the second issue of a planned series of MOLISA reports describes the labour market situation in Viet Nam.

“Viet Nam Employment Trends 2010”provides an analysis of the latest labour market information with the purpose of assessing the impact of various economic challenges that we had to face in recent years.This includes the impact of the financial crisis on employment, working conditions and labour market trends as well as projections of these trends to 2015 and 2020.
This report presents projections for selected labour market indicators until the year 2020 in order to illustrate a consistent development path of the economy and labour market based on currently available historical data. Furthermore, it proposes ways to better monitor the achievement of full, productive employment and decent work in the years to come, a target under the first MDG that is a critical for Vietnam's socio-economic development strategy.