Occupational Safety and Health Training Workshop

Training workshop on Occupational Safety and Health Inspection for senior labour inspectors

The 5-day training workshop organized by ILO Country Office for Viet Nam in cooperation with the Ministry Inspectorate takes place in Hai Phong from 18 January 2016 to 22 January 2016.

Overall objective

The overall objective of the course is to strengthen the ability of inspectors to carry out inspections and to promote the development and use of prevention-focused practices and techniques in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management by employers.

Specific objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • describe the principles and guidelines of the ILO relating to inspection and OSH management in enterprises; 
  • identify the activities and functions required for OSH management in a company; 
  • describe good practices identified for promoting compliance with OSH legislation; 
  • describe good practices identified for OSH for young workers; and 
  • perform an accident investigation.

Expected workshop outcomes

1. Participants’ knowledge and skills are improved in the subjects of OSH, investigation of occupational accidents, inspection of OSH management systems, good practices identified for promoting compliance with OSH legislation, OSH for young workers, workplace compliance in the informal economy (agriculture, small vehicle repair and woodworking). 
2. The contents on OSH as below are presented:
  • principles and concepts of OSH; 
  • risk assessment and control; 
  • ILO Guidelines on Labour Inspection; 
  • best practices on inspection of OSH; 
  • investigation of occupational accidents; 
  • inspection of OSH management systems; 
  • inspection of OSH in a selected country; 
  • OSH for young workers; and 
  • study visit to an enterprise.