Events and meetings

The ILO Country Office for Viet Nam organizes and takes part in a number of events and meetings. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Any queries should be sent to the office by email.

April 2016

  1. The TRIANGLE Sub-Regional Advisory Committee (SURAC) Meeting

    21 - 22 April 2016

    The SURAC (Sub-regional Advisory Committee) meeting has served as an ILO platform for tripartite constituents to share information, experiences and provide guidance on anti-trafficking and migration management for over ten years.

  2. The Consultation on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

    19 April 2016

    This consultation with partners in Vietnam will shape the project at national and regional levels. Discussion will take stock of challenges to supporting women's migration and discuss how three core priorities for the project could take shape in Vietnam: promotion of migrant women’s economic empowerment, ending of violence against migrant women, and promoting migrant women’s voice in decision making and leadership roles.

  3. Annual Viet Nam Industrial Relations Forum 'Renovation of Viet Nam's Industrial Relations in the Process of Global Integration'

    19 April 2016

    Tripartite partners and ILO have decided to jointly organize an annual Viet Nam Forum on Industrial Relations. The proposed Viet Nam Forum is an annual meeting of not only tripartite partners and ILO, but also key stakeholders, including Vietnam’s major trading partners, leading multinational enterprises and their interlocutors, local business associations, local labour NGOs, international and national scholars, and journalists.

  4. Launching Ceremony of USDOL funded Project "Building a Generation of Safe and Healthy workers - Safe and Healthy Youth"

    15 April 2016

    On 15 April 2016 in Hanoi, the ILO in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) organises the Launching Ceremony of the above-mentioned Project. Country Director Chang Hee Lee, MOLISA Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep and a Representative of the US Embassy chair the Ceremony.

  5. Workshop on Reform of Trade Union Activities - International Experiences and Perspective of Vietnam, 14 April 2016

    14 April 2016

    In the series of designing activities for the new Project of industrial relations, this workshop was organized in the purpose of sharing information with Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour about the upcoming reform of trade union activities. This workshop also provided a platform for international experts of industrial relations and labour issues to indicate suitable experiences of other countries as well as their perspectives towards Viet Nam's trade union renovation in the foreseeable future.

March 2016

  1. Training Course on Employment Service Counselling for Training Institutions and Local Officials in Central Viet Nam

    28 - 31 March 2016

    The training course aims to provide Skills on Employment Service Counselling to local officials and teachers from vocational schools in Khanh Hoa, Thua Thien- Hue and Quang Nam provinces. Job seekers and fresh graduates in the three provinces will be better counselled on job seeking.

  2. Training on workplace risk assessment for small and medium enterprises'representatives in construction with participation of labour inspectors

    28 - 29 March 2016

    The training will be organized for 40 representatives of SMEs in construction on workplace risk assessment. The training will take place in HCMC in 2 days from 28-29 March 2016.

  3. Technical Workshop on Minimum Living Needs

    27 - 28 March 2016

    The objective of the workshop is to help Technical Committee of Viet Nam National Wage Council to gain technical inputs from relevant experts to further revise the studies on minimum living needs of workers and their families and produce more relevant and updated estimates for minimum wage fixing process.

  4. Training of trainers on implementing training activities for labour inspectors

    23 - 25 March 2016

    The training will be conducted for a group of 20 core trainers who are labour inspectors from both central and provincial levels using the new training materials developed for labour inspectors. The training will take place in Hoa Binh Province in 3 days from 23-25 March 2016.

  5. Open Dialogue on Women with Disability – Equality at Workplace

    22 March 2016

    The dialogue aims to create an open dialogue to enterprises, BREC’s members, trade unions, women’s unions, DOLISAs, DOETs, TVETs, DPOs and other social partners to have a broader and deeper view about employment opportunities and equality at workplace for women with disabilities in Vietnam as well as identify solutions to improve inclusion for persons with disabilities at the world of work.

  6. Training workshop for labour inspectors on prevention approach in the framework of the Labour Inspection Campaign 2016 in the construction sector

    22 March - 8 April 2016

    The trainings provide labour inspectors with knowledge and understanding about labour inspection campaign 2016 and necessary skills to implement the campaign's activities with preventive approach.

  7. National Community Sharing Workshop on Community-Based Tourism (CBT)

    21 - 26 March 2016

    The workshop focused on initiatives and models that benefit the local communities and create ‘win-win situation’ with businesses in the Central Viet Nam .

  8. Launching of the Labour Inspection Campaign 2016 in the construction sector

    21 March 2016

    The Labour Inspection Campaign 2016 aims at promoting workplace compliance in the construction sector through the active advisory role of labour inspectors.

  9. Biannual meeting of the National Tripartite Advisory Committee

    21 March 2016

    The biannual meeting of the National Tripartite Advisory Committee aims to review the project implementation in the last six months and the achieved progress, as well as to provide strategic operational and policy guidance.

  10. Launching of Labour Code 2012 leaflets on labour contracts, working time, wage, social dialogue, collective bargaining and dispute resolution

    15 March 2016

    The launching of the Labour Code 2012 leaflets aims to maximize workers’ understanding and compliance of the Labour Code provisions related to labour contract, working time, wage, social dialogue, collective bargaining and dispute resolution.

  11. Labour Law compliance for safe construction sites

    10 March - 31 October 2016

    The labour inspection campaign in the construction sector with the theme of “Labour Law compliance for safe construction sites” is organized by Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) with the support from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

  12. First Joint Meeting of the ASEAN Confederation of Employers and the ASEAN Trade Union Council

    8 - 9 March 2016

    Both ACE and ATUC have acknowledged the value of holding this joint meeting between ATUC and ACE to address emerging issues, build trust and put forward common positions to the ASEAN Committee on the Implementation of the Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers (ACMW) and Senior Labour Officials Meeting (SLOM).

  13. Training Workshop on Wage for Trade Union Officers

    7 - 8 March 2016

    It is expected that better understanding of wage related regulations will contribute greatly to better compliance of minimum wage. It is also expected that trade union at upper level trade union will be able to help grassroots trade union engage more effectively in wage fixing at enterprises.

  14. Validation Workshop for the ILO-VCCI Study on Decent Work in the Electronics sector in Vietnam: The Roles of MNEs in generating more and better jobs

    4 March 2016

    The workshop aimed to validate the preliminary findings and recommendations of ILO-VCCI study on decent work in the electronics sector in Vietnam and discuss the roles of multinational enterprises in generating more and better jobs.

  15. Training course on World Heritage Guide for Vietravel company’s tour guides in Da Nang city

    4 - 10 March 2016

    ILO sponsor this in-house skills training of the company by hiring two of the certified master trainers for the course. Skills improvement for these tour guides will contribute to the development of tourism sector in the central region including Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam provinces.