Study Visit to Sri Lanka to learn about Child Labour Free Zones

A study visit to Sri Lanka is being organised by the ENHANCE Project for Vietnamese delegates to learn from the experiences of Sri Lanka in preventing and eliminating child labour and implementing child labour free zones.

In March 2020, with support from the ENHANCE Project, a team of Vietnamese delegates will undertake a study visit to Sri Lanka to learn about child labour prevention efforts in the country, in particular, the successful implementation of child labour free zones/districts. The overall objective of the study visit is to build the capacity of project partners and key stakeholders in the prevention and elimination of child labour through experience sharing and learning from good practices.

Sri Lanka and Viet Nam are both pathfinder countries for Alliance 8.7- a global partnership to achieve SDG target 8.7 to eliminate child labour, forced labour and modern slavery. As such, the trip will facilitate collaboration between the two pathfinder countries and foster mutual learning on efforts to achieve this target.

The trip has been tentatively scheduled for early March 2020, and will be attended by delegates from relevant departments from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Education and Training; the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development and the Ministry of Public Security. Employers and workers organisations will also be in attendance, as well as representatives from National Assembly Committees and the ENHANCE project team.