Labour Inspection Campaign 2019 Launching Ceremony

The Labour Inspection Campaign 2019 is to be launched in Binh Duong by MOLISA and social partners with support from the ILO. This year the Campaign is themed “Compliance towards sustainable development of the woodwork sector”. In the framework of the campaign, a series of communication and guidance activities are implemented, in addition to inspection visits, to promote voluntary and sustainable compliance in the woodwork industry of Viet Nam.

From 2015 to 2018, Viet Nam labour inspection campaigns have been implemented in different sectors nationwide. In 2019, MOLISA inspectorate continues its efforts to promote sustainable compliance via the new Labour Inspection Campaign in the woodwork sector applying the strategic compliance planning approach. The Campaign is to be launched on 27 March 2019 in Binh Duong.

The woodwork sector attracts around half a million workers in Viet Nam and brings about an annual export value of 9 billion USD. The compliance situation in this, however, is still a challenge. To tackle the challenges properly, MOLISA and the social partners will promote a combination of interventions including communication, inspection, training and non-compliance settlement after visits.

Strengthening labour law compliance in the woodwork sector helps create a better, more stable working environment for employees, promote good practices in labour administration of enterprises and create a foundation for harmonised industrial relations at workplace. The campaign launching ceremony will be followed by a training session for labour inspectors on inspection and compliance promotion at woodwork enterprises applying the strategic compliance approach.