Vietnam Association of Manpower and Supply Code of Conduct 2018 and Monitoring Tool Launch Workshops

The event aims to highlight the updated Code of Conduct, specifically focusing on monitoring of compliance with the Code and increased business opportunities for Vietnamese recruitment agencies. Apart from introducing the new Code and monitoring tool, the event provides an opportunity for recruitment agencies to be trained on new standards of compliance. By bringing together recruitment agencies with industry associations from destination countries, human rights and business initiatives and destination employers, the event will demonstrate the ‘business case’ for ethical recruitment in the Vietnamese recruitment industry.

Objectives of the launch workshops:

  • To share the 2018 revised Code of Conduct with a broad range of labour migration stakeholders, including recruitment agencies, destination employers, civil society and government representatives;
  • To demonstrate links between the Code of Conduct monitoring and increased business opportunities for Vietnamese recruitment agencies; to demonstrate the ‘business case’ for ethical recruitment;
  • To provide an opportunity for overseas employers to become familiar with the VAMAS Code of Conduct and the new monitoring tool and explore links with their own audit and migrant worker recruitment standards;
  • To allow for training on the contents of the monitoring tool with VAMAS agencies and encourage them to volunteer for monitoring; and
  • To showcase the increasing links between UN agencies on the priority area of ensuring fair recruitment and demonstrate the comparative advantages of the ILO and the IOM and the benefits of coordinated work.

For further information please contact:

Ms Nguyen Thi Mai Thuy
National Project Coordinator
ILO Country Office for Viet Nam
Tel.: +84 4 37340902 Ext 306