Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Viet Nam (Phase 2)

Training workshop on systems of sectoral TVET governance

The workshop aims to share national, regional and international experiences of establishing sectoral systems of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) governance so that stakeholders can consider options for improving TVET governance in Viet Nam.

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that as a result of this activity, participants will:

  1. improve their awareness of the project’s objectives, its structure, key documents, expected outcomes, and the working processes;
  2. become familiar with the concept of TVET governance and be able to identify distinct features of systems of TVET governance around the world
  3. develop knowledge of effective approaches to sectoral TVET governance, including the operation of Sector Skills Councils or Committees
  4. understand the key issues to be addressed when establishing sectoral bodies to work on the development of TVET systems at a sectoral level
  5. discuss the challenges and opportunities of reforming the current TVET governance structure in Viet Nam
  6. agree on key actions and issues to be addressed if sectoral TVET governance bodies are to be established in Viet Nam