Youth-led OSH Information session for vocational training school students

This event provides an interactive opportunity for 200 students to increase their understanding and knowledge of OSH that benefit them in their future jobs.

Youth-led OSH Information session for vocational training school students is organized on the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2018. Around 200 vocational training students, teachers, representatives of Phu Tho DOLISA, General Department of Vocational Training, MOLISA, and the ILO attend this interesting event.

The information Session is led by a group of Vietnamese Youth Champions who are selected and trained by the SafeYouth@Work. Through a series of interactive games, including “Hazards hunting”, “Who is the millionaire?” and “Workers’ rights at work”, it is expected young students are better equipped with OSH knowledge and skills that benefit their future jobs. In addition, the event also provides an excellent chance to improve school teachers’ awareness and knowledge of OSH so that they could mainstream OSH into vocational training programmes.

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