Consultation Workshop On Standard Contract For Domestic Work In Viet Nam

In order to introduce draft contract to key stakeholders for feedback, on both the content and on ideas for dissemination, Bureau of Industrial Relations and Wage, GFCD and ILO will host a consultation workshop for tripartite constituents and stakeholders. The workshop will also aim to validate the draft contract and bring out new perspectives on the following steps in the path of decent work for domestic workers.

Long term Objectives:

  • To improve domestic workers’ working conditions and, ultimately, ensure decent work for domestic workers, within Viet Nam and abroad;
  • To increase formal employment among domestic workers.

Short term Objectives:

  • To share with tripartite constituents and key stakeholders the motivation and content of the standard contract and receive feedback and/or validation on the draft contract;
  • Consider ways of promoting the use of the standard contract;
  • To raise participants’ interest in protecting domestic workers’ rights and increasing engagement in:
        - promoting the standard contract through their own channels
        - offering services to domestic workers and their employers (counselling, mediation, conciliation and other dispute resolution services…)
  • Briefly analyse further steps for domestic workers’ protection.


83 participants from MOLISA, VGCL, Women’s Union Employers’ organizations, VCCI, Private companies specialised in offering domestic work services, ILO and other UN and international organizations, CSOs, Domestic workers, Employers, District and commune local authorities etc

For further information please contact:

Ms Nguyen Thi Mai Thuy
National Project Coordinator
ILO Country Office for Viet Nam
Tel.: +84 4 37340902 Ext 306