Knowledge sharing and training workshop on ensuring the protection of workers 15-17 years old

The workshop will seek to raise participants knowledge on how to address hazardous child labour among adolescents having reached the minimum age for employment, with an emphasis on how to ensure their right to protection from abuse and exposure to hazards in the workplace.

At the end of this workshop 45 participants from the four target countries (Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam) will:
  • have a better understanding of how to address hazardous child labour among 15-17 year target group (in line with the relevant ILO conventions as well as national legislation);
  • have exchanged experiences and lessons learned regarding the efforts of labour inspection and other enforcement actors to address hazardous child labour ;
  • have developed a broad based (workplace, schools, communities) strategy to address hazardous work among 15-17 target group focused that foresees schemes to improve workplace protection for children at risk including through the promotion of OSH ;
  • have understood the contribution of multi stakeholder partnerships to scaling up national efforts to ensure safe working conditions for all young workers having reached the minimum age of employment in their respective country contexts;
  • have been provided with the latest relevant ILO references on the theme(s) of the workshop.