MOLISA/ILO/KISA/ASEAN-OSHNET - International conference on occupational safety and health "Promote Occupational Safety and Health in the informal sector"

The conference, to be held on 4-5 May 2017 in Ha Noi, is among a series of meaningful activities in response to the Month of OSH launched by the Government of Vietnam for the first time on 06 May 2017 in Ha Noi. Also, this is in support to the World Day on OSH (28 April) and the International Labour Day (01 May).

Among the objectives are exchanging and sharing good practices at national, regional and global levels in policy-making and operations of the EII fund benefitting workers in the informal sectors, sharing lessons and typical examples in the organization and implementation of OSH laws and regulations in the informal sector, promoting co-operations among MOLISA Department of Work Safety and Korea Industry Safety Association (KISA), ASEAN countries and other interested parties.

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