Project Steering Committee Meeting

The second Meeting of the SafeYouth@Work Project Steering Committee in Viet Nam

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is a group of the key tripartite partners and stakeholders responsible for providing guidance on the implementation of the SafeYouth@Work project. The Second Project Steering Committee Meeting of SafeYouth@Work is to be held on 18 Jan 2017 in Ha Noi review the progress of the project and discuss project implementation in 2017.

The PSC of SafeYouth@Work consists of representatives of relevant tripartite agencies, those are MOLISA, MOH, VGCL, VCCI and VCA, and the ILO’s National Project Coordinator. The PSC has the functions of guiding the agencies under the management of its members to implement projects’ activities and complete the Project’s immediate objectives. It is also responsible for reviewing and adopting the annual work plans of the project prior to the Minister’s approval. This second meeting is held at the beginning of 2017 to review the project activity and outputs in 2016 and seek inputs and consensus of the PSC Members on Workplan for 2017. This event is also an opportunity to discuss the mechanism to enhance the roles and functions of PSC Members in term of promoting the project through their respective networks and bringing opportunities for synergies with other relevant initiatives.

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