Career Orientation Day " Quang Nam - Da Nang students and tourism"

Up to 1,000 tourism and foreign language students in Quang Nam and Da Nang provinces will take part in the first ever tourism job fair in Hoai River square of Hoi An City. Titled Quang - Da Students and Tourism, the fair is supported by the Quang Nam Province’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Hoi An People’s Committee, and is directly organised by Quang Nam’s Tourism Association with the support of the SIT project/ ILO and Labour Newspaper.

The Fair will not only help to provide career direction for the students from the two provinces but also contribute to increasing awareness of tourism businesses and training institutions. More than 30 businesses and 17 experts have registered to provide consultation for the students on different relevant topics.

This is an opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility of businesses to increase employment opportunities for students. This is also the project’s intention to bring various stakeholders together to increase future social impacts.