IR Bulletin Volume 35 - Quarter IV-2020

This IR Bulletin is developed periodically in order to provide important information for people who are interested in this field to update the IR information in Viet Nam in an objective and efficient manner.

• Labour dispute resolution system - innovation in accordance with the socialist-oriented market economy
• Tasks set out in resolving labour disputes in Vietnam in accordance with the Party’s Directive No. 37-CT/TW issued by the Central Party’s Secretariat
• Enhance the effectiveness of labour dispute resolution
• Ensuring an effective labour dispute resolution system in Viet Nam
• Current situation of the settlement of labour disputes in localities and the implementation of the Labour Code 2019
• Order and procedures for mediating a labour dispute by a labour mediator
• Order and procedures for settling a labour dispute by Labour Arbitration Council
• Headline events and achievements in industrial relations in the period of 2016-2020