Staff list: ILO Country Office for Viet Nam


Ms Ingrid ChristensenDirector
To be filledLabour Economist
Ms Nguyen Cao AnhExecutive Assistant to the Director

ILO Support Units


Tran Thuy DuongCommunication and Information Management Officer


Mr Nguyen Hoang HaProgramme Officer
Mr Nguyen Ngoc TrieuSenior Programme Officer
Mr Nguyen Son NgocProgramme Officer
Ms Doan Thuy QuynhSenior Programme Assistant

Administrative and Finance

Ms Le Thi Lam NgaSenior Operations Officer
Ms Le Thi Cam VanSenior Finance Assistant
Ms Nguyen Thi My LinhOperations Assistant
Ms Phan Hoai LienOperations Assistant
Mr Phung Van DungSenior Driver

ILO Projects


Mr Carlos André DA SILVA GAMA NOGUEIRAProgramme Manager
Mr Nguyen Hai DatNational Project Coordinator
Ms Tran Thanh TuAdmin & Finance Assistant 
Ms Ngo Thi Hoang LamProgramme Assistant


Mr Phillip HazeltonProject Manager
Ms Ngo Thi LoanNational Project Coordinator
Ms Pham Thi Thanh HuyenNational Project Coordinator
Ms Dang Thi HanhSenior Administrative & Finance Assistant
Ms Nguyen Thu QuynhProgramme Assistant 
Ms Nguyen Thi Bich HuongProject Assistant

Trade for Decent Work project

Ms Do Thi Thu HuongNational Project Coordinator
Ms Cu Le PhuongAdmin & Finance Assistant
Ms Le Thi Kim DungProgramme Assistant

Ship to Shore SEA

Ms Nguyen Thi Mai ThuyNational Project Coordinator
To be filledAdministrative & Finance Assistant


Ms Lam Thi PhuongAdministrative & Finance Assistant


Ms Nguyen Ngoc DuyenNational Project Coordinator
Mr Hoang Nguyen Huan Administrative & Finance Assistant


Ms Dang Thi Ngoc DiepNational Project Coordinator
Ms Nguyen Thu HuongAdministrative & Finance Assistant

Promotion & improvement of compliance & social dialogue in global supply chains 

Ms Vu Kim Hue
National Project Coordinator
Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh ThaoSenior Project Assistant
Ms Dang Diep AnhAdministrative & Finance Assistant


Ms Nguyen Thi Mai OanhNational Project Manager
Mr Bui Van DungM & E Officer
Ms Nguyen Huong GiangCapacity Building Officer
Ms Hoang Thi To LinhAwareness Raising Officer
Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh VanAdmin & Finance Assistant
Ms Nguyen Phuong LinhAdmin & Finance Assistant 


Ms Cao Thi Ngoc AnhAdmin & Finance Assistant 
Ms Nguyen Thi Huyen National Project Coordinator

Productivity Ecosystem for Decent Work (HN Office)

Ms Gulmira ASANBAEVAProject Manager
Ms Nguyen Thi Le VanNational Project Officer Employment Policy
Ms Nguyen Thi Hong MaiFinance and Administrative Assistant

Better Work 

Ms Nguyen Hong Ha
Country Program Manager of BW Programme in Viet Nam

Better Work Office in Hanoi

Ms Pham Thi Hoang LienOperations Manager of BW Hanoi Office
Ms Hoang Cam VanEnterprise Advisor
Ms Do Thi Duc HanhEnterprise Advisor
Mr Nguyen Khanh HoiEnterprise Advisor
Mr Nguyen Cong TrangEnterprise Advisor
Mr Chau Quoc HungEnterprise Advisor
Ms Le Bich NgocTraining Officer
Ms Bui Thanh ThuyAdministrative & Finance Assistant
Mr Hoang QuanCommunications Officer
Mr Nguyen Dung TienEnterprise Advisor Team Leader
Ms Le Thi Thanh MaiEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Ngoc DuyenEnterprise Advisor
Ms Doan Hai ChauEnterprise Advisor
Ms Luu Thi Minh HuyenEnterprise Advisor
Mr Dang Thanh TungEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Lan HuongEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Thi Huong GiangEnterprise Advisor
Ms Bui Thu HuongEnterprise Advisor

Better Work Office in HCM

Ms Doan Thuy DiepEnterprise Advisor Team Leader
Ms Hoang Thi Phuong AnhEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Thi Hong HanhEnterprise Advisor
Mr Pham Le ThuanEnterprise Advisor
Ms Tran Thi Quynh AnhEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Bich NgaBuyers Relations Assistant
Ms Le Thanh TamEnterprise Advisor
Ms Tran Thi Thao NguyenEnterprise Advisor
Mr Pham Quoc ThuanEnterprise Advisor Team Leader
Mr Nguyen Quang TienEnterprise Advisor
Mr Le Hoang TuEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Phuong MaiEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Le VanEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Ngoc HaEnterprise Advisor
Ms Tran Thi My LinhEnterprise Advisor
Mr Nguyen Duc ThienEnterprise Advisor Team Leader
Ms Truong Thi Phuong TuEnterprise Advisor
Ms Pham Ai NhiEnterprise Advisor
Ms Dang Hong VanEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong ThanhEnterprise Advisor
Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh ThuyTraining Officer
Ms Le Huyen TrangTraining Assistant
Ms Vu Ngoc Lan AnhEnterprise Advisor
Ms Vu Thi Huong LoanFinance Manager
Ms Nguyen Thi Truong LeFinance Clerk
Ms Pham Thi Ngoc TramAdmin Assistant
Ms Cao Thi Thanh TrangAdmin Assistant
Ms Pham Thi Tuyet LinhAdmin Clerk
Ms Nguyen Thu Thuy (Hanoi Office)Admin Assistant

VZF Project (HCMC, Viet Nam)

Ms Kristina KurthsProgramme Manager
Mr Tran Minh TriNational Project Officer
Ms Nguyen Hai LinhAdministrative and Finance Assistant

Improved compliance and dialogue in global supply chains in Viet Nam

Ms Nguyen Thi My DungNational Project Officer

Productivity Ecosystem for Decent Work (HCM Office)

Mr Phung Duc HoangNational Project Officer Enterprise Policy