Taqeem Initiative: What Works in Youth Employment

Taqeem (meaning "evaluation" in Arabic) is a partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as part of an IFAD-financed project, titled “Strengthening gender monitoring and evaluation in rural employment in the Near East and North Africa.”

Through rigorous impact research, this capacity development and learning grant project aims to understand “what works” in the promotion of gender mainstreaming, with the ultimate goal of reaching gender equality in rural employment outcomes across the region.
  1. Capacity Development

    Taqeem provides technical assistance and training to partners with the objective of creating a critical mass of evaluation expertise in the MENA region.

  2. Impact Research

    Taqeem supports and conducts research to build evidence for effective design and implementation of policies and programmes targeting young people and women in rural areas.

  3. Policy Influence

    Taqeem disseminates findings and recommendations from impact research to policy makers and practitioners who are using the evidence to improve programming and policy decisions. The objective is to ensure gedner and rural mainstreaming in youth employment strategies.


  1. Impact report

    The impact of skills training on the financial behaviour, employability and educational choices of rural young people: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Morocco

  2. Impact report

    Evaluating the results of an agricultural cooperative support programme: Business practices, access to finance, youth employment

  3. Impact Briefs

    Promoting women’s empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa: A rapid evidence assessment of labour market interventions

  4. Course

    ILO organizes Executive Course on Evaluating Active Labour Market Programmes (Amman, 2-6 July 2017)

  5. Report

    Towards Evidence-Based Active Labour Market Programmes in Egypt: Challenges and Way Forward

  6. Evidence Symposium

    ILO and INSEAD invite policy makers, researchers and business leaders to Evidence Symposium: Promoting Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Growth and Decent Jobs (Abu Dhabi, 14-15 November 2016)

  7. Workshop

    ILO presents new evidence from randomized control trials in youth employment (Geneva, July 2016)

  8. Press release

    ILO to increase evidence on what works for youth employment in the Middle East and North Africa

  9. Impact Reports

    ILO publishes impact research on Entrepreneurship Edutainment in Egypt (RCT baseline report) and MEDA Maroc's 100 Hours to Success programme in Morocco (Qualitative assessment and RCT baseline report)

  10. Impact Briefs

    Impact Briefs highlight the progress made by seven youth-serving organizations of the Taqeem Community of Practice to improve results measurement

  11. Infographics

    ILO presents comparative information from Youth Employment Inventories (YEI) in Tunisia and Egypt about programme design, characteristics and achievements

  12. Final Report

    ILO offered two Executive Evaluation Courses on youth labour market programmes in Cairo, 2015, and in Sharjah, 2014

  13. Final Report

    The Egyptian Policy Lab on Youth Employment (April 2015) provided a platform for policy makers, researchers and practitioners to collaborate on strengthening evidence-based policies

  14. Call for proposals

    ILO launches Fund for Evaluation in Employment 2015 to build evidence on labour market impacts in the Middle East and North Africa

  15. Project

    ILO and IFAD partner to build evidence on gender in employment projects in the MIddle East and North Africa