News, articles and events on youth employment

February 2020

  1. ILO contributes to the Global Youth Forum Cooperative Entrepreneurship through a video message

    10 February 2020

    The message from ILO COOP Unit Manager focused on the current concerns around youth employment and the role cooperatives can play in creating work opportunities and better working conditions for youth.

  2. Teamwork makes the entrepreneurship dream work

    04 February 2020

    A trio of young entrepreneurs are taking the leap into Jakarta’s creative accessories market with the support of ILO’s Ready for Business youth entrepreneurship programme.

January 2020

  1. © OIT 2020

    ILO: Latin America and the Caribbean experience slight increase in unemployment, which could get worse in 2020

    27 January 2020

    A modest rise in unemployment at 8.1 per cent marks a labour outlook that is not positive, and could deteriorate this year if economic growth remains weak, says a new report from the ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 25 million seek employment and do not find work in a region that faces growing demands for greater opportunities and equality.

  2. Transition from school to work remains a difficult process for youth

    16 January 2020

    The ease or difficulty with which young people are able to transition from school to work has a lasting impact on their lives and labour market prospects.

December 2019

  1. Closing the gap in skills development through the acceleration of digital and e-learning programmes

    18 December 2019

    The advancement of digitalization and technology has eliminated time and space boundaries, providing an opportunity for people living in rural areas to have a greater access to good quality training at an affordable cost through distance and e-learning.

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    What happened when I left university with the wrong skills

    11 December 2019

    A social science graduates discovers why studying STEM subjects is important for young people, business and the economy.

  3. The Decent Jobs for Youth Knowledge Facility: Learning, sharing, and engaging

    11 December 2019

    Partners of the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth launch knowledge facility, including the ILO toolbox and data finder on youth employment.

  4. ILO holds Job Fair for persons with disabilities

    04 December 2019

    ILO/ LEED+ or the Local Empowerment through Economic Development and Reconciliation Project launched in September 2018 in Sri Lanka. Building on more than eight years of work by ILO and multiple stakeholders, the programme promotes resilient, inclusive and sustainable growth strategies for conflict-affected communities.

  5. ILO attends TICAD 7 and the Special Conference on Peace and Stability in the Sahel Region

    03 December 2019

    Summary of ILO's participation in the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD) 7 Plenary Meeting in Yokohama, Japan.

November 2019

  1. Making Decent Work a Reality for Africa’s Youth