Resources on youth employment

  1. © ILO/Awad Tawel 2016

    Why is quality education critical in tackling child labour?

    07 September 2015

    This year’s World Day against Child Labour highlighted the key role that education can play in tackling child labour. The following stories from child labourers in Jordan show why getting children out of work and into the classroom can make a huge difference to their future.

  2. International migration in a globalizing world: The role of youth

    12 August 2013

    Sabine Henning, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division

  3. Addressing youth employment and migration through UN joint programming

    12 August 2013

  4. Slideshow "Kibera Then and Now – Youth Employment in the Slums"

    14 December 2011

    In Africa’s second largest slum, youth unemployment is sky high. But cooperative projects are helping youth find work and slowly lift themselves out of poverty through such projects as raising food in community gardens, processing waste for bio-fuel or providing improved sanitation. Journalist Anne Holmes reports on how this emerging economic revival is making a small but significant dent in a major ongoing challenge.

  5. Promoting Decent Work for People with Disabilities: A Path to Decent Work and Inclusive Societies

    14 July 2009

    Since 2002, in more than seven countries in East and Southern Africa, Asia and the Pacific the ILO has partnered with Irish Aid to provide a path to decent work and more inclusive societies for people with disabilities. The ILO-Irish Aid Partnership Programme supports the development and reform of disability-related laws and policies and their effective implementation, and the inclusion of women and men with disabilities in mainstream programmes and services on vocational training, employment, entrepreneurship development and micro-finance. The following pictures illustrate how removing the barriers to services and opportunities help disabled people obtain decent work and a better life.

  6. Breaking gender barriers for young women and men

    11 August 2008

    One billion young people will reach working age within the next decade. Providing them with the opportunity to secure productive employment and decent work is a societal, national and global challenge. It is no wonder that youth employment is listed high on the international community's agenda. This is the best educated and best trained generation of young men and especially young women ever. Youth employment: Breaking gender barriers for young women and men is the third theme of the gender equality at the heart of decent work campaign.