Resources on youth employment

  1. Youth employability

    12 April 2016

  2. Taqeem Community of Practice for results measurement in youth employment

    15 December 2015

  3. Cooperatives and Sustainable Development Goals - A contribution to the post-2015 development debate

    16 October 2015

    ILO COOP undertook a joint initiative with the International Cooperative Alliance (“the Alliance”) in order to bring cooperative voices into the discussion around the post-2015 development agenda, to better understand how cooperative enterprises contribute to this agenda and the role they could play in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  4. Cooperatives and the World of Work Issue Brief Series

    16 October 2015

    Formed by producers, consumers, workers and business people worldwide, cooperatives have demonstrated their great potential for creating and consolidating employment opportunities, empowering people, providing protection and alleviating poverty. The ILO’s “Cooperatives and the world of work” issue brief series highlights how cooperative model engages in the changing world of the work.

  5. Decent Work Country Programme of Montenegro 2015-2017

    08 April 2015

    The first cooperation programme between the ILO and Montenegro seeks to promote social dialogue, create more and better jobs, and formalize the informal economy.

  6. Taqeem Events

    30 May 2014

  7. Other youth employment publications on monitoring, evaluation and impact evaluation

    30 May 2014

  8. Taqeem Impact Briefs

    30 May 2014

    The Impact Briefs document how CoP organizations supported by Taqeem measure outcomes of their youth employment programmes, the tools that are applied and the findings and recommendations that emerge to assist them in improving impacts and programme design.

  9. Taqeem Impact Studies

    30 May 2014

    The “Impact research” series diffuses research reports from Taqeem supported impact evaluations. Reports include baseline, endline and qualitative reports which describe the research designs, methodologies, interventions under investigation and policy and programmatic findings and recommendations. Research in this series has been selected through ILO’s Fund for Evaluation in Employment, an annual call for proposals, which provides seed funding, and technical assistance to rigorous impact evaluations.

  10. Taqeem Publications

    30 May 2014