Resources on youth employment

  1. Get formal, be successful: Supporting the transition to formality of youth-led enterprises in Azerbaijan

    08 June 2015

    Read about a pilot programme that is helping young Azerbaijani entrepreneurs build successful formal businesses of all kinds.

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    5 reasons to consider an apprenticeship

    16 September 2014

    For young people preparing to enter one of the toughest job markets in decades, a good apprenticeship programme can pave the way to a rewarding career. In our latest blog post, ILO skills expert Michael Axmann gives five reasons today's young people should give apprenticeships some thought.

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    Decent work and sustainability intertwined for small states battling climate change

    05 September 2014

    The international community has just concluded its discussion in Samoa about small island developing states, with decent work for all emerging as a key commitment, writes Bob Kyloh, senior ILO economist, who attended the conference.

  4. Gaining skills for a new life in Timor Leste

    29 August 2014

    Empowering youth through education and training is key to achieving sustainable development in small island developing states like Timor Leste, where youth unemployment has reached 21.6 per cent.

  5. The top 6 skills today’s employers want

    11 April 2014

  6. Moving from marginalization through apprenticeships

    04 April 2014

    An ILO project in Zimbabwe is helping improve the quality of apprenticeships in the informal economy. The programme helps young people, particularly those living with disability, find decent work and escape the vicious circle of marginalization and poverty.

  7. Agriculture and youth employment: The missing link

    14 February 2014

    The agricultural sector has a huge potential to create jobs but needs to polish its image in order to attract more young people. To do this, governments should provide relevant education and training.

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    How can sports help to promote youth employment?

    06 January 2014

    Employers often refrain from hiring young people for their apparent lack of soft skills rather than their lack of experience. Understanding how these soft skills that can be developed through sports are relevant to the world of work provides an interesting perspective on youth employability, says Matthieu Cognac, Youth Employment Specialist in the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

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    Apprenticeships: A proven approach for tackling youth unemployment

    12 December 2013

    Countries like Austria and Denmark have been very successful in using apprenticeships to tackle the youth jobs crisis. The ILO is helping to share their experiences with other countries.

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    Why do young people migrate?

    09 August 2013

    To mark the UN International Youth Day (August 12th), the International Labour Organization (ILO) is focussing on the 27 million international young migrants worldwide, aged 15–24. The ILO answers some key questions on youth migration.