Working conditions
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Working conditions

Improving working conditions is one of the ILO’s principal objectives. While wages may rise in many countries, they often remain too low for many workers to meet their basic needs. And while some workers may see decreases in the time they devote to work, the accompanying unpredictability can weaken job security and pose new difficulties for reconciling work and family. Dirty and dangerous working conditions, on the decline in industrialised countries, are still prevalent in the developing world.

Key resources

  1. Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws

    The TRAVAIL Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws provides a picture of the regulatory environment of working time, minimum wages and maternity protection in more than 100 countries around the world. (Database)


  1. The Employment Relationship: A comparative overview

    This book presents the complex relation of labour legislation to the employment relationship, reporting on the many terms, notions, definitions, laws and practice in the various regions of the world.

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