This web-based policy guide has been produced by Patrick Belser (ILO Geneva) and Kristen Sobeck (ILO Buenos Aires), and has benefited from major contributions from Andres Marinakis (ILO Santiago), Malte Luebker (ILO Bangkok), Claire Hobden, Uma Rani and Martin Oelz (all ILO Geneva). It has also drawn widely on the ILO General Survey on “Minimum Wage Systems” (ILO, 2014) produced by the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations, with the expert advice of Martine Humblet (ILO Geneva). Other contributors to this project have included Matt Cowgill (ILO Bangkok), Samuel Asfaha (ILO Turin) as well as Janine Berg, Monica Castillo, Valerio De Stefano, Peter Fremlin, Najati Ghosheh, Esteban Tromel, and Rosalia Vazquez-Alvarez. Anna Brown edited a first version of the guide. Coralie Thompson and Claire Piper finalized and updated the website. We are grateful for the excellent collaboration with the web-developers, Dalibor Rodinis, Harvey Addo-Yobo, and Aung Lwin as well as Charlotte Beauchamp, Damian Riunaud, and Sandra Kuchen from the Communications Department.

The guide was peer reviewed by Thiagarajan Shanmugam, Secretary of the National Wages Consultative Council of Malaysia, Damian Grimshaw, Professor of Employment studies at Manchester Business School and Director of EWERC (European Work and Employment Research Centre), and François Eyraud, former Director of ILO Turin and international wage expert.

The guide benefited from the support of Manuela Tomei (Director, Conditions of Work and Equality Department) and was produced under the responsibility of Philippe Marcadent (Chief of the Inclusive Labour Markets, labour Relations, and Working Conditions Branch).

The guide also greatly benefited from research funded by Swedish International Development Agency as well as the German-funded project on Labour Standards in Global Supply Chains.