Social protection

Only 27 per cent of the world’s population has adequate social security coverage and more than half lack any coverage at all. The ILO actively promotes policies and provides assistance to countries to help extend adequate levels of social protection to all members of society. Social security involves access to health care and income security, particularly in cases of old age, unemployment, sickness, invalidity, work injury, maternity or loss of a main income earner.

The “Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All” builds on efforts already underway in more than 30 countries. These include projects to help countries extend coverage at the national level and to strengthen community-based social security organizations.


  1. Conference on universal social protection

    Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection

    New-York, 21 September

    The World Bank Group and the ILO, together with other leading development agencies, will meet during the 71st session of the UN General Assembly to present the Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection. The event will bring together heads of government, diplomats and experts to showcase evidence from more than 20 countries that have achieved universal social protection coverage, and will present the diverse approaches available to make universal social protection an achievable objective as part of every Member State’s plan to realize the SDGs.


  1. Social Protection

    Global Business Network meets to promote social protection floors

    25 October 2016

  2. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

    The real cost of extreme poverty

    17 October 2016

  3. Meeting of the BRICS Labour and Employment Ministers

    Guy Ryder welcomes BRICS countries’ will to boost growth and decent work

    28 September 2016

  4. Document

    8th Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board meeting

    22 September 2016