Resources on social protection

  1. Decent work deficit in Asia

    15 January 2001

    Asia has been struggling to recover from a financial crisis that rocked the region 4 years ago. But that recovery is on shaky ground as the global economic downturn throws more people out of work and into uncertainty. The International Labour Org. opens a four-day conference in the region to shore up recovery as ILO TV explains.

  2. Employment and social investment funds in Latin America

    01 October 2000

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 7

  3. World labour report 2000 Income security and social protection in a changing world

    21 June 2000

    Drawing on worldwide data, examines the role played by social protection in supporting, supplementing and replacing market incomes in the event of old age, incapacity for work, bearing and raising children, and unemployment.

  4. Social Security Manual Vol.V- Social health insurance

    10 March 2000

    Comprises eight modules which provide guidelines on the design and management of a social insurance scheme. Focuses on the needs of countries where social security systems are not yet operational or need to be improved. Describes the selection of health care benefits to be provided, the accreditation of service providers, methods of financing, provider payment mechanisms and organizational aspects. Includes a module on micro-insurance schemes.

  5. Social Safety Nets, Public Works and Employment in the Infrastructure and Construction Sectors, Vietnam

    07 December 1999

    VIE/98/039/08/11 Social Safety Net Study

  6. Social security for the excluded majority: Case studies of developing countries

    04 October 1999

    Examines various approaches to the extension of formal sector social insurance schemes to informal sector workers.

  7. Decent work and protection for all in Africa : Ninth African Regional Meeting, Abidjan, December, 1999

    01 January 1999

  8. The sex sector

    06 August 1998

    Focuses on the commercial sex sector's connections with the national economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand as well as the international economy. Describes the organizational structures and relations within the commercial sex sector and illustrates how increasingly complex and significant the sector has become in these countries. In addition to the national case studies, which include the results of surveys of sex workers, comprises chapters on child prostitution and legislation and policies targeting the commercial sex industry. Examines also some historical and social factors behind the development of the sex sector.

  9. Social Security Manual Vol. III- Social security financing

    15 June 1998

  10. Social Security Manual Vol. I- Social security principles

    15 June 1998

    Serves as a manual for use in countries where social security systems are not yet operational, are undergoing change or need to be improved. Focuses on the needs of developing countries, countries in transition and countries undergoing structural change as they begin the process of setting up new systems of social protection or improving existing systems.