Resources on social protection

  1. Supporting freelancers through the cooperative model

    07 July 2017

    SMart supports freelancers in nine European countries by providing tools to facilitate administrative work and multiple services to access social protection.

  2. The ILO DW for SDGs Notes Series: Social Protection (Short Version)

    27 June 2017

  3. The ILO DW for SDGs Notes Series: Social Protection (Long Version)

    27 June 2017

  4. Women at Work: The Course for Sri Lanka

    15 June 2017

    Gender gaps in the labour market remain one of the most pressing challenges facing the world of work. Women are substantially less likely than men to participate in the labour market, and once in the job market, they are less likely than men to find a job and the quality of employment they do find remains a key concern.

  5. Belgium has ratified the Invalidity, Old-Age and Survivors’ Benefits Convention, 1967 (No. 128), the Chemicals Convention, 1990 (No. 170), and the Working Conditions (Hotels and Restaurants) Convention, 1991 (No. 172)

    14 June 2017

  6. Trade unions lead the VCT@WORK in Ukraine

    12 June 2017

    Ukraine has one of the fastest growing rates of HIV infection in Europe. The HIV prevalence in the adult population is 0.9 at the end of 2015. The highest incidence of the disease is among young and working age people. Only 54 per cent of people living with HIV know their HIV status. In order to reduce the HIV testing gap, the ILO is implementing the voluntary counselling and HIV testing initiative for workers —VCT@WORK—since 2014 in Ukraine. Trade unions have been in the front in driving the VCT@WORK Initiative in Ukraine, adopting a regional and sectoral approach.

  7. Indicator 1.3.1: Proportion of population covered by social protection floors/systems, by sex, distinguishing children, unemployed persons, older persons, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, newborns, work-injury victims and the poor and the vulnerable

    09 June 2017

  8. Innovate to extend social protection to workers in the informal economy

    08 June 2017

    We need to look at how we can innovate and find solutions to empower informal economy workers to be part of the solution to have access to social protection and transition to the formal economy, says Luis Frota, a senior social protection expert from the ILO. The interview took place at the #SDGStudio at European Development Days, #EDD17 in Brussels on 8 June 2017.

  9. Indicators for Social Protection Floor

    06 June 2017

  10. Labour standards on Social Protection Floor

    06 June 2017