Training design, organization, and delivery

This part of the guide covers how skills and entrepreneurship training to meet the skills needs identified in Assessing economic opportunities and training needs is designed, organized and delivered.

There are four sections:
  1. Design and prepare training, select and train trainers. This includes preparing the course plan including what course(s) will be taught, when, where, and how, using what equipment, and the identification and preparation of trainers for the skills to be taught.
  2. Selection of beneficiaries. This section covers how criteria for selection of the people to be trained are developed and applied.
  3. Inclusive training delivery. This section includes information, guidance and examples on how to structure and deliver training so that it best meets the needs of trainees and does not exclude learners of different types.
  4. Monitoring trainee participation and progress. This section focuses on accessible processes for recording and tracking trainees' progress to enable assessment of their results and of the progress of the TREE programme.