Program performance measurement and sustainability

Performance measurement means documenting and assessing activities and results to determine if goals have been reached. Sustainability refers to the potential for the impacts of the programme to be sustained past a specific project’s life span.

Performance measurement relies on documentation and includes:
  • Monitoring The ongoing tracking of processes and activities to ensure they are meeting targets and that financial and human resources are being used as planned; and
  • Evaluation An assessment of the extent to which objectives have been achieved and an analysis of the reasons for success or shortcomings. Evaluations are always conducted at the end of the project and may be usually done at midpoints as well. Mid-point evaluations offer an opportunity for corrections and adjustments. End-point evaluations inform other projects and the potential extension or creation of new projects based on the existing one.
Documentation includes the various reports prepared to develop the programme, administrative records including financial tracking, and records of activities and participants.

The ILO offers guidance and resources on monitoring and evaluation. A number of notes are linked in the box below. Donors and national partners may also have requirements for this. Performance measurement plans, including appropriate budgets and personnel, should be established at the beginning of a TREE project.

Selected guidance documents from the ILO for evaluation

  • Guidance Note 1.1: Project Design and Theory of Change
  • Guidance Note 1.2: Monitoring and Reporting
  • Guidance Note 5.5: Dissemination of Lessons Learned and Emerging Good Practice
  • Checklist .1: Elements of good project design

To go futher:

  • Guidelines 1 ILO policy guidelines for results-based evaluation
Sustainability is also an issue to be considered from the beginning. Responsible project design considers how to ensure lasting positive impacts from its interventions and from the end of the project.

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