Disability and work

Work of decent quality is the most effective means of escaping the vicious circle of marginalization, poverty and social exclusion. People with disabilities are frequently trapped in this vicious circle, and positive action is needed to assist them in breaking out of it. Barriers which disabled people face in getting jobs and taking their place in society can and should be overcome through a variety of policy measures, regulations, programmes, and services.

The ILO’s Disability Programme promotes equality of opportunity and treatment for persons with disabilities in vocational rehabilitation, training and employment, as reflected in Convention No. 159 concerning Vocational Rehabilitation of Employment of Disabled Persons, 1983, and the ILO Code of Practice on Managing Disability in the Workplace adopted in 2001. It works to increase knowledge on the training and employment of people with disabilities, by carrying out applied research relating to policy and practice, compiling and disseminating information, publishing guidelines and manuals, and sponsoring other research and reports.

The Ability Factor

  1. Employing people with disabilities makes good business sense

    People with disabilities represent an untapped pool of skills.