The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development: Latest news

  1. © UN Photo/Ryan Brown 2019

    69th Session of the UN General Assembly

    ILO Director-General's statement to the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Rights

    23 September 2014

  2. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    Get jobs back to centre of agenda, says ILO chief

    22 September 2014

    Governments should put jobs at the centre of the policy agenda, said the ILO's Director-General Guy Ryder in an interview with CNN's Richard Quest. This includes putting in place active labour market policies, getting investment moving again, focusing on education, and finding greater consensus to tackle workplace disputes that affect jobs. The Director-General is attending the UN General Assembly and participating in several high level events about climate change, indigenous peoples and an ILO-Ford Foundation event on employment and Decent Work.

  3. Op-Ed

    "Cleaner, Greener, and Richer"

    22 September 2014

    ILO Director-General and UNFCCC Executive-Director argue that world leaders meeting at the UN Climate Summit in New York can deliver a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world that provides millions of decent work opportunities.

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    Decent Work at heart of UN development goals

    19 September 2014

    At the September UN General Assembly in New York, Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon will present his report on the current MDGs and look ahead to post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the 17 proposed new goals includes full and productive employment and decent work for all, which is at the heart of the ILO’s mandate and is critical to ending poverty. However, ILO priorities are reflected in many of the other 17 new proposed SDGs.

  5. Sustainable Development Goals

    The Millennium Development Goals and beyond: An ILO perspective

    05 September 2014

    The Millennium Development Goals set targets for 2015. As the process to define a new set of global development goals gains momentum, creating decent and productive jobs and strengthening social protection stand up as urgent global priorities. Decent work transforms societies for the better, driving development that is more equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

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    Post 2015

    The Millennium Development Goals and beyond: An ILO perspective

    18 August 2014

    Aurelio Parisotto, Senior Economist in the ILO’s MULTILATERALS Department, talks about the organization’s efforts to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the road ahead Post-2015.

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    Least developed countries (LDC)

    LDCs should focus on jobs and decent work for inclusive growth and economic transformation, says ILO

    07 August 2014

    Conference participants discuss the importance of developing globalised value chains, building infrastructure, boosting access to energy as well as women’s empowerment.

  8. Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda

    Inclusive growth and decent work proposed for new development goals

    21 July 2014

    The UN is one step closer to agreeing on a new set of development objectives, including ambitious targets on full employment and decent work for the world’s seven billion people.

  9. ECOSOC High-level Dialogue

    Quality jobs key to reviving a weak global economy

    08 July 2014

    As the effects of the global financial crisis linger, policymakers are considering the role of macroeconomic policy in bringing about sustainable development while creating more and better jobs.

  10. © Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP 2019

    International Day of Cooperatives

    Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Cooperatives for sustainable development"

    05 July 2014