Radiation protection and safety of radiation sources: International basic safety standards – Interim edition

The objective of this Safety Requirements publication (General Safety Requirements Part 3) is to establish, on the basis of the safety objective and principles established in the Fundamental Safety Principles, requirements for the protection of people and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation and for the safety of radiation sources.

This publication is intended for use by governmental authorities including regulatory bodies responsible for licensing facilities and activities; by organizations operating nuclear facilities, some mining and raw material processing facilities such as uranium mines, radioactive waste management facilities, and any other facilities producing or using radiation sources for industrial, research or medical purposes; by organizations transporting radioactive material; by organizations decommissioning facilities; and by staff and technical and scientific support organizations supporting such organizations and authorities.

The references included in this publication are to editions that are current as of the time of publication of these Standards. This publication includes a list of definitions which apply for the purposes of these Standards.

This publication also includes a CD-ROM containing the IAEA Safety Glossary: 2007 Edition (2007), the Fundamental Safety Principles (2006) and Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards: Interim Edition (2011), each in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish versions.

This Interim Edition has been submitted to the other potential sponsoring organizations for their approval. Following their decisions on its approval, it will be issued as a jointly sponsored standard.