Combating Child Labour in Central Asia – Commitment becomes Action (PROACT-CAR Phase II)

The PROACT-CAR Phase II project is designed to serve as a follow-up to accomplishments of the project implemented during the first phase (2005-2007), and aims to preserve the momentum and presence that the issue of child labour has gained in the region as well as to further strengthen the capacity of the main stakeholders, and increase general awareness on child labour problem. The project has the same two-level approach:
1) At the national level activities are aimed at strengthening the national stakeholders’ capacity to formulate and implement policies, programmes and other initiatives to facilitate prevention, protection, withdrawal, rehabilitation and reintegration of children engaged in the WFCL, as well as at mainstreaming child labour and youth employment issues into relevant national policy frameworks providing target groups with access to viable alternatives to child labour through the promotion of measures increasing employability and creating decent work opportunities;
2) at the sub-regional level the main focus is on the networking and information sharing generating synergy and contributing further to building capacity within central areas of fighting child labour in CA region.