Safe design and use of chain saws

This code describes safety requirements for the design of chain saws (forestry equipment) and includes recommendations pertaining to their safe and easy operation.

Code of practice | 01 January 1978
This code of practice was prepared in collaboration with an ad hoc international group of experts established by the FAO/ECE/ILO Joint Committee on Forest Working Techniques and Training of Forest Workers. It embodies the knowledge and experience of many countries. Although couched in the language of a set of rules, it has no binding force but is intended to give practical advice to all persons who have a responsibility for safety or health as affected by the design or use of chain saws, or who may be framing provisions on the subject. Contents: scope; definitions; manufacturing requirements (section on each part of the saw; weight, noise, exhaust fumes, vibration isolation; operating instructions); preventive maintenance; employers' and operators' duties and responsibilities. Appendices: tabulated and illustrated data on handle strength and clearances; noise; vibration; etc. Includes diagrams.